Social Media Marketing

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Leverage the Power of Social Networking Platforms to Engage Your Audiences with Your Brands and Services.

Tailor-Made Solutions to Add Depth to Your Social Media Presence


With Orbizent, you get a social media optimization plan customized to your business goals. Your dedicated social media account manager will devote more time to understand your requirements so they create an actionable plan to deliver the outcome you are looking for your business.


Our experienced professionals are known for having executed some viral and successful social media campaigns for our clients. We constantly look forward to exceeding our clients’ expectations by enhancing their brand recognition to the highest potential. Our marketing strategy includes services with sustainable ROI, powered by accurate analytics. We don’t hesitate to invest extra time to learn our clients’ audiences’ behavior therefore we can craft the creatives and social media ad copies that resonate with their audiences and brand identity.


Creating a brand awareness on the social media marketing (SMM services) is hassle-free with Orbizent. As we hire experienced and creative professionals, it is always easy for our clients to achieve their business goals with us. You would always get returns on your investment—all you need to do is allow our team to look after your social media presence. 


Our streamlined SMO consulting service removes the bottlenecks empower your business to harness the power of social media marketing to start driving leads, sales, and revenue. Once you partner with us, we assign a hands-on account manager as we believe that our professionals would be an extension to your existing in-house team.

Research and Analysis

We embark on the execution process through in-depth research and analysis. We try to understand your business goals and target audiences’ online behavior so we create a result-oriented strategy.

Identify Your Audiences 

We look at the way how you want to engage your audiences based on a particular interests and demographics. We suggest what platform you should use most to match with your audiences’ interests.

Social Profile Audit

We check if your social media profiles are optimized to compete with your peers’ profiles. We analyze every factor carefully and help you know why you need to keep the profiles trendy and up-to-date.

Interesting Creatives for Better Engagement

We use interesting creatives to draw your audiences’ interest—but we always ensure that every post and creative reflects your brand identity. We frequently post engaging content that interests your audiences.

Creating a Buzz Around Your Brand

We push company insights and relevant information on your social media profiles to create a buzz around your brand. It’s a continual process that helps us grow your audiences and new ones.

Tracking, Mapping, and Reporting

We keep an eye on every campaign and make sure they help us attain our goals. We let our clients know about every social media campaign through our smart ROI reporting system. Our team create weekly or monthly reports to monitor our performances.

Enhance Your Brand Awareness with a Strong Social Media Presence.

Add depth to your brand with our data-backed social media marketing strategy. You get the best of online presence both for your products and brand identity. We ensure that every creative resonates with your business goals and identity. We leverage decades of experience with new data to empower our marketing strategies. We take decisions based on the data instead of speculations. The expertise of our award-winning team helps us to drive remarkable outcomes by exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Clients love partnering with us for enhancing their online presence. From the outcomes we drive to the way we engage with our clients, our approach to work with the clients is what allows us to retain our clients for a longtime association. Our clients recommend us to others as the most promising social media marketing company.

With years of experience in an array of industries, we are a trusted partner for businesses that look forward to gaining an edge on their peers. Whether you want to promote your products on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking platforms, it's instrumental to hire an experienced team to gain your ROI goals. Being one of the most trusted social media optimization company, we develop actionable strategies that tracks, measures, and reports on the social media activities and ad campaigns.



What Does Social Media Marketing Stand for?
Social media marketing is a set of online activities that help businesses leverage different social networking platforms. It aims at improving your brand value by creating a buzz around your products on different social media platforms.
Do Social Media Platforms Help Generate Leads?
Yes, social media platforms have become one of the effective ways to generate qualified leads. We implement directed approach to target your audiences, using a slew of activities.
What Platform I Should Use to Promote My Business?
We recommend use niche platforms to appeal your target audiences. If your audiences are young and you have lifestyle products to promote, Instagram is an ideal platform for you. If you are running a B2B company, LinkedIn can be an ideal place to start your campaign.
Does Social Media Marketing Helps in Improving SERP Ranking?
It has no any direct impact on the SERP ranking, but it can definitely have an indirect impact on the ranking if blogs and other stuffs are shared on different platforms. Sharing on different social media platforms also helps with page indexation.
Should I Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency?
If you want to improve your brand recognition through a social media marketing campaign, you must hire an agency. Our experienced marketers would prepare actionable strategies to popularize your brand on across the social media platforms.