Shopify’s Online Store 2.0: A New Update to Add Power to Ecommerce

  • November 20, 2021

Shopify has emerged as the most trusted platform for creating ecommerce websites. Businesses looking forward to improving their retail operations through the internet are the leading beneficiary of Shopify store. It is credited for helping more than 1.5 million businesses globally.

A few months ago, Shopify introduced some important updates for its ecommerce platform, focusing on users’ experiences, website performance, and ease of shopping. Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 is the most helpful update amongst others with so many new features for small and mid-size businesses. It is designed to offer remarkable experiences to the users and merchants. A reliable Shopify company India will always be open to upgrade your ecommerce portal with new features to make sure you keep outperforming your peers.

What Is Online Store 2.0?

Online Store 2.0 was introduced in line with Shopify’s regular updates in Shopify Unite on June 29, 2021. It was organized to bring in more effective features for ecommerce websites to improve shoppers’ experiences. The new update comes with advanced tools toadd more power to the developers.

Let’s explore how Online Store 2.0 is more powerful to improve users’ experiences on Shopify stores:

Personalized Online Store

With Online Store 2.0, now developers have more space to customize a Shopify store to meet shoppers’ expectations. Rearranging webpages and other important blocks in a website will be easier and more convenient for the developers. It offers more creative flexibility to the developers to create an appealing Storefronts with no code required.

Shopify developers in India make sure that ecommerce businesses make the best use of Shopify in expanding their online retail operations, regardless of their size, scale, and operation complication.

Easier to Provide More Product Information

Formerly, developers had to make some modifications in codes to add extra information about the products or other things. It was a challenging task for merchants and developers.But with the new update, you can now easily change the meta field within your Shopify dashboard without making any changes in code.

Consequently, you will be attracting more buyers to your products by providing additional information—for example, you can add instructions and users’ guide to the product page to make it more relevant.

More Choices for Shoppers—Buy Now, Pay Later

With ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ in place, it becomes easy for merchants to attract more buyers. It allows them to enjoy a limited period of time for making a full payment. They need to pay less or a certain part of the total amount while placing an order for a product. It will also allow your buyers to split their payments into small instalments—all these features attract more buyers to your ecommerce portal. With advancements on every product page, customizable stores, advanced developer tools, and custom themes, Online Store 2.0 has made the online store development more convenient and easier than ever before. Choose the best Shopify development company in India that employs a team of experienced and informed developers to bring life to your vision.