SEO Trends in 2022 You Should Never Ignore to Embrace

  • November 19, 2021

Is SEO still helpful for attaining the top position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? Undoubtedly, YES. If you doubt whether SEO would be relevant in 2022, you have landed on the right page. Here, it talks about some new trends and sophisticated SEO practices that are definitely going to rule in 2022 and beyond.

Therefore, let’s look at the top SEO trends in 2022 that all businesses need to get acquainted with if they look forward to staying searchable on different search engines. An SEO company India keeps up with the new trends while improving search results in SERP.

Voice Search

Voice search features are gaining popularity with the new-age users. High-end voice assistants like Siri by Apple, Alexa by Amazon, and Google Assistant are designed to simplify the way how users explore search engines to find the things they are looking for. Consequently, people would never like to give away the comfort of voice search features—therefore, you should get ready for this new trend by upgrading your SEO strategies accordingly.


Chatbots are the spinoffs of innovative features such as Alexa and Siri—it can also be said to be one of the fruits of AI. They are engineered to answer questions asked by the people who visit your websites with no human required. It allows businesses to offer better and more interactive experiences to their customers. The artificially intelligent feature enhances the user experiences while fulling their desire to gain information. Including chatbots in your digital marketing strategies would help you improve your trustworthiness.

Shopping Graph: A New Shopping Experience

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people preferably went online to explore and shop for the products they wanted. Since no one was able to come out of their house to visit mom-and-pop shops, this was the only option left. Until now, Google’s online shopping features were not explored to the fullest. Its shopping search engine has been in place for the last many years but has never become as much popular as other ecommerce portals like Amazon and Shopify are.

It can be a game-changer for ecommerce websites and other retail businesses that look for more cost-effective ways to shop their products. An SEO company in India goes all-out to help businesses get discovered and allow the people to find out more relevant options.

Google Smith Algorithm: An Advanced Algorithm in Fashion

Google’s new SMITH algorithm is an advanced form of BERT, which helps Google to comprehend the content. Unlike BERT, it is developed to comprehend passages within the context. It is an advanced algorithm that can also help Google to predict what the next passages are.

To keep up with the new advanced algorithm, it is important to upgrade the content strategies to create larger texts documents. SEO agencies in India keep upgrading their resources to make sure nothing is left behind in your digital journey. Therefore, you can stay in the top results in the SERP ranking and keep on growing in 2022, provided that you upgrade your strategies with these trends mentioned above.


Knowing that the 2022 SEO trends will change the way how companies have been promoting their products on the internet by now, it is necessary to use targeted and custom marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website.