Case Study

Mens Fashion Industry ecommerce website SEO and PPC Services

Client Overview

Damen + Hastings strives to offer the best quality men’s accessories for the price. They are fuelled with a passion to craft a beautiful product range without compromising the quality, material, and durability of the products. The client believes that everyone has the right to feel good and express oneself through fashion, and thus they wanted to expand their reach with the help of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). The company’s goal was to increase online leads to rank higher in organic search results for the services and locations they serve.

The Challenges

Damen + Hastings consulted our team with specific objectives in mind. They wanted to re-architect the site structure so that it can be indexed by search engines like Google. They wanted to rank the website on highly competitive keywords within three months timeframe. Driving huge traffic to the website was quite challenging for our team. Some of the key challenges that we faced included:

  • Creating attractive display ads banners
  • Creating remarketing visitors based on the audience of the website
  • Increase brand awareness & website traffic

The Solution

We initiated by performing an SEO audit of Damen + Hastings. We found competitive keywords to focus on website ranking. Our team focused on writing content, targeting keywords with good volume related to the niche products. A campaign was set up to target their core products through product listing ads. Remarketing campaigns were implemented to encourage previous visitors to purchase again. Targeted campaigns were set up to gain the most traction. Bid optimizations were implemented and adjusted monthly to generate more sales during the peak purchasing times of the day and week.

  • Conducted keyword research and competitor keyword research to classify top keywords
  • Created new SEO-optimized pages
  • Optimized existing pages with search engine optimized title and meta descriptions
  • With enhanced website performance, we improved speed, usability, and conversion rates
  • Curated PPC campaigns to better target core keywords and improve conversion rates

The Result

After 6 months, organic traffic increased due to our use of innovative SEO techniques and consistent weekly blogging efforts. Search engine rankings for the major keywords increased considerably with the client ranking on the first and second page of the search results for a wide range of keywords. The website started ranking for long-tail product keywords which resulted in massive growth in the organic traffic. That was a significant achievement as the website was not fully indexes when we received the project. Some of the highlights include:

  • Increase in first page rankings in the first few months
  • Increase in organic traffic by 80%
  • Increased traffic from AdWords by 60% within the budget
  • Reduced cost per conversion from AdWords by 62%
  • Increased overall traffic to the site

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