Case Study

Mens Fashion Ecommerce Website Development

Client Overview

Trafalgar is a leading producer of men’s leather goods and accessories including belts, suspenders, wallets, braces, and exotic leather products. With a passion for centuries-old, traditional leathercraft, they quickly built a reputation for creating premium leather products with timeless style and no compromise on quality. They combine the city style and distinguished materials in its line of fashion leather goods promoting expression and individuality. Being a highly esteemed producer, Trafalgar creates more than 100 unique patterns of silk braces and suspenders. Our client offers an extensive selection of men’s fashion accessories, travel accessories and executive items in various colors, leather finishes, styles and sizes.


Our client was in need of a well-designed website to exhibit their products, purpose, brand and goods. They were on the lookout for a site that would permit their business to efficiently reach all potential customers easily. Through the ecommerce site, they wanted to provide their customers with an opportunity to conveniently deal online from a remote location with devices on hand. Our client wanted a neat-looking design and user-friendly interface to boost their store's credibility and reputation. So, we opted to develop the site with Shopify as the best possible solution. Some of the major challenges that our team of developers faced while developing the website on the Shopify platform are:

  • Handling re-installs gracefully
  • Working with script tags
  • Charge activation vs. authorization
  • Tracking adds-to-cart
  • Integrating with other Shopify apps
  • Handling ongoing updates


Our client required a continuous approach of the developer having a determination of making the store more pleasing and leading among its general correspondents day by day. So in order to fulfill our client’s requirement, our developers worked on Shopify development and put their best foot forward. We ensured to provide the client with a website that has a clean Admin interface, user-friendly and intuitive. Our team successfully migrated the ecommerce store to Shopify, used version controls for Shopify theme development and integrated ads. We also ensured that our client’s online store turns into a true powerhouse to increase their online sales. Our developers extended the basic Shopify features by adding appropriate HTML, CSS, or JS into Liquid.

  • Work on the entire layout and color combinations
  • Customized the User Interface of a store
  • Implemented an advanced searching and filtering algorithm to facilitate finding items on product pages
  • Make sure the website is functional and up-to-date.
  • Wrote code to integrate third-party software
  • Ensured the website is search engine friendly and optimized
  • Created a store template that works with client’s business plugins


We provided our client with a singular and brand-specific website facilitating to attract customers with its beautiful and customized ambiance. It is user-friendly, making navigation and all other functionalities work efficiently on all devices. Our client gets a complete solution for their e-commerce store with which they can maintain everything they want to. Once we completed the development of the website with Shopify, we tested it on different devices and when we were sure, we gave it a go for the customers. The main highlights of the development are:

  • A complete customized and responsive website
  • Contributed to a higher conversion rate
  • Increased customer base
  • Contributed to better company recognition and increased traffic.
  • Worked efficiently minimizing errors
  • Visibility of the site increased by 40 %
  • Seamless navigation of the site
  • Becomes more reliable with more options and features for marketing operations

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