Case Study

Jewelry Brand Ecommerce Website Development

Client Overview

Elliot Young is an established name in fashion jewelry. It was founded with an objective to make beautiful jewelry accessible, affordable and forever wearable. Alongwith this objective, our client also wanted to make a difference to the society. This is why, they donate a percentage of all the sales to charities. With years of experience in the jewelry industry, they have introduced a range of high-quality, flawlessly crafted jewelry at affordable prices. With a commitment to art and craft, they have been creating a versatile line of jewelry that are the perfect sartorial companions to every jewelry lover. Our client understands the powerful language of fashion jewelry and thus strives to be a personal stylist to their customers. They approach Logmetix with the need for Shopify development maintenance services for their website.


Elliot Young, though being a successful brand, was facing some issues with its eCommerce store. Due to these issues, they missed many opportunities for conversion and hence revenue. They approached Logmetix to do development and provide maintenance service for their website so that it delivers a seamless experience to the users all across its interface. Our client wanted maintenance and support services to run their business effectively. We understood their requirement and decided to develop their eCommerce store on the Shopify platform offering them various Shopify eCommerce store maintenance solutions. However, our team faced some challenges with implementing Shopify maintenance services for the store. The challenges were:

  • Project management
  • Project Planning
  • Data integration
  • Data quality
  • Change management
  • Maintenance cost


We dedicated a team of expert Shopify developers, headed by the Project Manager, to work on the client’s requirements. Our work didn’t finish just after the launch of the website but we continued to provide maintenance and support services to help our client to attract users and provided them with the functionalities they needed in a fashion jewelry store. All through the development process, the client was kept posted of the progress by the project manager as there were defined milestones, and we ensured that these milestones were met. Shopify maintenance services that our team provided to Elliot Young included:

  • Rapid error identification and resolution
  • Speed and performance optimization
  • Monthly site backup and report
  • Shopify store support and updates
  • Ongoing Shopify maintenance
  • Tested and monitored the performance of the store on a regular basis
  • Website monitoring that includes checking issues such as website downtime, domain malfunctioning, and other malware


Our team of Shopify developers built and maintained the client’s website, keeping both the client and consumer in focus. The extensive knowledge and best practices of our team ensured that the website worked flawlessly and smoothly across various screen sizes, such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops, etc. Implementing maintenance services for the website, we ensured that all its functionalities run smoothly. We boosted their eCommerce store by helping them in the selection of services, tools and plugins, content management system, and more. Offering our maintenance and support services, we were able to provide below successful outcomes to the client:

  • App integration
  • Site less prone to malware
  • Improved the site loading speed by optimizing several elements
  • Consistency of data and installation
  • More safe and secured eCommerce site

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