Case Study

Fashion Ecommerce Website SEO / PPC


Trafalgar was founded by American craftsmen and the company deals in state-of-the-art leather goods. Trafalgar designs and manufactures men’s accessories using the handpicked, most unique materials from across the world. They craft every product with care, keeping in mind a timeless aesthetic. Trafalgar originals are robust and vibrant enough to carry you through every moment in life. The founders of Trafalgar wanted their craftsmanship to reach a large audience within a period of six months. They were looking for SEO and PPC campaign to increase visibility and sales.


Leather is the heart and soul of Trafalgar, and its products are aesthetically beautiful. But, as their website was not SEO optimized, it was lacking a substantial organic traffic. Client wanted to reach maximum clients and thus more traffic and hence more sale for their men’s accessories. They contact Logmetix to address the following challenges that they were facing with their online marketing business:

  • Eradicating the problems related to website elements
  • Generating more inquiries
  • Improve the aesthetics of the website interface
  • Enhance the number of new site users
  • Boost the number of transactions
  • Lower the bounce rate
  • Increase in revenue


Logmetix dedicated a team of developers, designers, content writers, and digital marketing experts was dedicated to work on client’s project. We conducted a full website audit, new keyword research, and created a custom strategy for the client. The approach also included a new AdWords campaign, enhanced focus on organic search, and prolonged content marketing. A monthly budget was set for ongoing organic search engine optimization and a new strategy was executed each month for the 6-month timeframe. Throughout the process, we also provided reporting and data that directed the PPC and website optimization campaign.

  • Conducted keyword research to identify the top-ranking keywords including the long-tail keyword
  • Created articles and blogs for backlinks
  • Optimized existing pages with customized title and meta descriptions
  • Improved speed, usability, and conversion rates
  • Curated AdWords to attract the target audience
  • Created PPC campaigns to target keywords


Our client was able to use PPC to improve their SEO efforts, which eventually led to acquiring more customers with organic search than paid search. Their website was seeing minimal results with their online paid activity since they started. With our service, the return on their PPC campaigns witnessed a significant boost in their performance. Using PPC and SEO is the perfect way to increase traffic.

  • Organic traffic increased by 62%
  • New clients acquired through organic traffic increased by 73%
  • Clicks to the website increased by 63%
  • Website conversion rate (visitors who purchased from the website) increased 84%
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR) improved by 69%