Case Study

Cookware Manufacturer Ecommerce Website Development

Client Overview

Our client is into the business of cookware manufacturing industry. They manufacture stainless steel nonstick cookware. All the utensils are manufactured utilizing hybrid technology that combines the durability of stainless steel and the easy cleanup nonstick. Our client produces everything you need to equip your kitchen with beautifully designed stainless steel nonstick cookware products for every type of application. From frying pans, pots, woks and lids, their product line has you covered. For our client, quality of their products is of extreme significance. They make their products to go through a series of stringent quality checks before they are ready to be used by the consumers. The company is equipped with the latest machinery for production and quality control, and is in the line of becoming a central player in your culinary collection.


Our client needed a new eCommerce website to sell its unique and stylish range of stainless steel nonstick cookware products. The online store required to collect sensitive information about the customers, and they wanted a more secure system that could protect the collected data. Our client also wanted a secured and reliable payment gateway. They contacted Logmetix with the need of a website that could attract more organic traffic and hence increase sales for their products. So we decided to develop a Shopify eCommerce website and maintain it for our client. However, our team faced certain issues while developing and maintaining the site. Some of the major challenges that our team of shopify developers faced included:

  • Making it appealing in appearance
  • In delivering excellent shopping experiences
  • Boosting the entire look and overall feel of the website interface
  • Shopify Store Integration
  • Deep insight into the users’ behaviour


Once we had a clear idea of our client’s requirement, we dedicated a team to segment the model for each integral element of the site. We worked assiduously with the client to create a strong eCommerce experience for them. Our Shopify maintenance team ensured that the customer could easily browse, and purchase products online. We designed a user-centric experience that highlighted the product line of our client. Our team of dedicated developers ensured to develop a scalable and feature-rich eCommerce store. We used revolutionary technology in Shopify to guarantee high-security standards along with other important features.

  • Boosting the entire look and overall feel of the website interface
  • Shopify store maintenance
  • Consistently excellent Shopify support
  • Shopify support and maintenance tailored for the store
  • Comprehensive Shopify store audit
  • Site monitoring


Our client’s new fully-integrated and intuitive Shopify website enabled their audience to browse easily through a beautifully designed website. A business website needs tailored maintenance services to achieve business goals efficiently and we offered these to our clients. We not only developed an eCommerce store with enhanced security but also offered round-the-clock maintenance and support services. Our client witnessed a consistent increase in the organic traffic on their website. The outcomes that our client received from our Shopify website development and maintenance included:

  • Enhanced the user experience
  • Boosted SEO strategies
  • Improved and maintained high webpage speeds
  • Site upgrading
  • Integration of plugins
  • User-Friendliness and visually appealing website
  • Secure shopping experience
  • Theme development services

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