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Extend Your Brand's Reach and Awareness with PPC Management


Being a certified Google and Bing Ad partner, our PPC experts make sure that the targeted keywords are perfectly extending your products reach and increased visibility on the search engines. We help our clients reach out to the right audiences for their products and business and leverage the power of search engines skillfully for their products. We extend our years of experience in pay per click marketing services to ensure our clients reach their sales goal in a seamless and budget-friendly way.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services give businesses a huge opportunity to explore the magic of search engines. According to a report, published by Google, more than 85% of today’s spending behavior is motivated by online space. PPC helps the businesses to reach out to the audiences precisely without wasting their productive time.


Curated Conversion Through Precise PPC Consulting Services


Our keyword and audience research helps us create actionable strategies that offer a holistic, insightful idea of our clients’ target audiences and their online behaviors. It also helps us optimize the budget in a cost-effective manner to draw maximum returns on the investment. Getting a click is the foremost step towards our clients’ business goals—what matters is the number of qualified leads and their conversion. Based on our insightful research, we use our data to make the campaign a successful one. Leveraging the benefits of automation is important for our PPC services. By allowing technology to do the magic, we let our experienced professionals pay their attention on shaping our clients’ PPC management campaign, thorough metrics, and end-to-end mapping procedures.

The Process That Makes Our PPC Services Successful

Research & Campaign Setup

Defining what our clients want to achieve through PPC services is the most important part of our campaign. It helps us to target the qualified audiences in the right time.

Audience Targeting

After a thorough research, we start identifying the audiences our clients want to reach out to. Targeting audiences ensures that you get the best returns on your investment.

Creating and Optimizing Landing Page

Creating a unique landing page can lure qualified audiences to your website. We create an optimized landing page that increases the likelihood of conversion.

Setting Up Campaign 

Our experienced PPC experts make sure that the campaign accurately exemplify the USP (unique selling proposition) of your product, using all the AdWords features available.

Analytic Setup

We don’t leave the campaign unnoticed—instead, we set up analytics to track the performance. It also allows us to track the conversion rate on a specific keyword.

PPC Audit & Periodical Reports

Creating a periodical reports on the ongoing PPC campaign helps us optimize and improve our strategies. It helps us to track the effectiveness of our every effort.

Take Your Business a Level Up with Our PPC Services

As a leading pay per click agency with a team of experienced professionals, we leverage a number of tools to refine the best performing keywords that help achieve greater ROI. Draw attention across online platforms with our comprehensive PPC campaign that help your target audiences find you easily. We strive to discuss our clients’ business requirements to make sure the pay per click campaign resonates their brand identity. Be it evaluating competitors’ performance or understanding your industry position, our team will come up with a scalable and actionable plan that adds to your online advertisement.

Write Your Success Story by Partnering with Orbizent

At Orbizent, we’re fervent to build a lifelong relationships with our clients on the basis of quality services and assured outcomes. Instead of creating a complex process for the online digital marketing, we focus more on what drives your target audiences to your website and what increases profitability. Our every effort will ensure that your business reaps the advantages of enhanced online visibility, fresh traffic, and target campaign. We are the best rated PPC company with a great track record and decades of experiences.



What is PPC Service?

As the name suggests, PPC is an online advertising model that is run on Google or other platforms to take your website on the top position. In this advertising model, a business has to pay every time a visitor clicks on the website link.

What is Included in PPC Management Services?

Our PPC management services include a range of activities like bid management, keyword management, landing page, cost analysis, and others. Our experienced PPC experts create appealing ad copy and let it come up more often at the low cost.

Where Can I Advertise with PPC?

PPC advertising can be executed on a number of online platforms like Google, YouTube, and social networking platforms. It needs to be executed based on your target audiences. We make sure your ads are displayed before your audiences.

Does PPC Helps Generate Qualified Leads?

Yes, PPC is one of the most effective marketing tools to generate qualified leads for your business. People who click on advertised website link are more likely to buy your products.

How Much Does PPC Advertising Cost?

The cost of PPC advertising varies based on your business goals. It depends on how you wish to promote your products. You can customize the budget as per your requirements. We help our clients achieve their goal at the lowest cost.