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Build an Appealing Ecommerce Experience with Magento Development Services

Being a reputed ecommerce website development agency, we dedicate a large chunk of our designing process to extensively analyze our clients’ business requirements so we help them build a customer-centered experience. Our experienced designers and Magento experts will help you create notable but engaging consumer engagements that make sure the outcome is in line with their brand identity. If you look forward to improving performance, enhancing productivity and adding fuel to your online store, our experts are ready to help you reap the benefits of new-age web development technology.

We offer end-to-end solutions to ecommerce store development to gain surprising growth for the online portals. We exploit the latest features and capabilities to make sure our clients get what they deserve. Our skilled developers make the best use of their technological acumen to expand their reach to new audiences. Your vision for ecommerce stores are duly nurtured to transform your business goals.

Upgrade to a Feature-Rich Website

Creativity and innovation are centerpiece of all ecommerce website we build. Whether you want redesign your existing website or you want to build a new one, our Magento ecommerce store development services will offer you a perfect blend of everything you want to see in your website.

Our experienced developers have hands-on experiences in building engaging websites that meet your unique business requirements. We go through your primary business needs to ensure that our clients get all those things that they have imagined for their website. Allow our team to create engaging, scalable, and user-friendly online store that can lure your target audiences.

Technology-Led Process That Brings Results

Research and Analysis 

Every successful project starts with a thorough research and analysis session. Our team dive deep in the clients’ requirements to categorize the procedures.

Ideation for the Design Phase

Based on the information gathered from the research process, we ideate our designing phase. It also helps define our development timeline to make sure the website is ready within the timeframe.

Designing Wireframe

Wireframing is a key component of our designing process. It allows us define the user flows and the categories of website content. It encompasses all the important components, representing your final website.

Custom Theme Development

A custom theme for a website reflects its brand identity---we make sure that every unique design is made to resonate the theme of our clients’ brand perfectly.

QA & Testing

We have a dedicated QA team that keeps monitoring our clients’ website functions. It helps us improve our development process if required.

Seamless Deployment and Integration

Be it a payment gateway or any other API integration, we make it a seamless and flawless process. Magento offers us a number of methods to simplify the development process.

Let Your Audiences Interact with Your Website

We at Orbizent are not confined to developing a Magento-based ecommerce website, rather we aim at creating a seamless experience using our expertise and Magento development services. And it takes a lot of efforts and flawless procedures. Within every milestone, set up for the development process, are short-term iterations. Each iteration starts with a short meeting, in which our team evaluates the last iteration. And of course, it also helps us find out new features that can add value to the website.

If you aim at outperforming your peers, you need a flawless and appealing website that can help your target audiences to relate with your brand and products. Every business has a unique story and that’s why it is necessary to have a unique ecommerce website that distinctively adds values to your brand. Our primary objective is to get familiar with their buying patterns. We focus more on the creative part to make sure you get a unique ecommerce store tailored to your specific requirements.



What all Magento development services do Orbizent provide?
Being a reliable Magento development agency, Orbizent offers end-to-end solutions served by a team of skilled developers. We have the skills & experience to provide our clients with custom Magento web development services along with PSD to design, integrations, Magento upgrade, and others.
What features will I get on my Magento store?
We plan our development process based on your business goals, and build a feature-rich Magento eCommerce store that will have advanced security patch, flawless payment gateways, checkout procedure, and useful extensions. Your Magento store will be scalable to meet your business goals.
Do you provide B2B development services?
YES! We also offer all types of enterprise-grade solutions by building an online store with industry-specific designs. We have a team of experienced developers who meet our clients’ expectations—whether they are looking for Magento B2B, B2C, or Multi-vendor Marketplace store.
Why choose Magento development services from Orbizent?
Orbizent is a group of trained and experienced Magento developers who are available to build top-notch Magento stores using the latest tools and feature-rich extensions. We empower our clients’ online stores with feature-rich capabilities, so they can outperform their peers.
How much time it will take to go live? 
Based on your business needs and the type of project, we deliver the project within defined timeline without any issue. It is our objective to help our clients take their business online as soon as possible.