Common WordPress Myths You Should Never Believe in

  • November 20, 2021

In the early days, WordPress was largely used for blogging, but in the last few years, it has emerged as one of the most trusted platforms for creating bespoke websites. Currently, it enjoys over 50% of the total market share globally. Millions of businesses are hiring WordPress company India to build this feature-rich platform to make their online presence more appealing with user-friendly features.

Being a common platform for website development, WordPress has also garnered some types of misconceptions along with its far-reaching popularity. And the myths about WordPress have managed to make a number of people stay away from it in one way or another. In this blog, let’s debunk some common WordPress myths with truthful information. 

WordPress is Just for Creating Blogs

In the beginning, WordPress was only designed to help bloggers. But in the last decades,it has emerged as one of the versatile tools to build scalable websites. Developers can use fully-tested programming languages and tools to create tailor-made websites. It is now not confined to texts only— the feature-rich platform also allows the developers to use videos, document files, and audio in the website.

The WordPress repository includes more than 35,000 plugins to help builders create classified listings, membership sites, affiliates, ecommerce stores, and others. And what makes it more interesting is that most of them are free to use.

WordPress Doesn’t Allow to Build Ecommerce Stores

Again, this is another misconception that can easily be demystified as it includes a number of plugins that are uniquely designed to support ecommerce stores. WooCommerce is one of several ecommerce plugins, which cover more than 4 million online stores. It is much easier and more convenient than other popular platforms like Magento and Shopify. The people with negligible expertise in web development can also get their scalable online store developed using WooCommerce on WordPress platform.

WordPress is Not Ideal for Large Businesses

WordPress is mistakenly believed not be ideal for big enterprises. But it is based on mystified arguments as the platform offers high efficiency and transparency with an easy-to-manage CMS. It is important to clarify that the website performance depends on the web host. If your website goes down due to a sudden spike in visitors, WordPress needs not to be blamed for the same. From a small blogger to large multinational companies, everyone is going after the best WordPress development company in India to make their online presence more appealing.

It’s not Secure

As far as the security of your data is concerned, WordPress offers a number of features to protect your website from illegal activities. WordPress leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the utmost security as it has a team of experienced professionals to mitigate any security threats. In addition, WordPress developers in India also make sure that the website they are developing are not vulnerable to illegitimate threats.  

Simply put, the platform keeps evolving its features and tools every so often to meet today’s business requirements. What you need to do is to find out a reliable web development company in India that helps you build a scalable and bespoke website with secure and helpful plugins.